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Slam Dunk Radio Show
Host Timothy "Kick the backboard" Stanfill, Co-Host Michael "The Enforcer" Graham First of all, let’s answer a big question: Why radio? After all, dunking is more of a visual event. So why would we bother putting a show on the radio that focuses on a visual sport? Simple. Because athletes and fans have a voice both on and off the court. There is currently no venue available for dunkers and dunk enthusiasts to voice their opinions, concerns, or announcements. That’s where Slam Dunk Radio comes in. Through our show, we focus on the sport of dunking. Everything that brought it to prominence, makes it great now, and what’s going on with the future of dunking will all be discussed on Slam Dunk Radio. It will reach an untapped market, giving sponsors the advertising demographic they’ve been unable to reach, and giving dunk enthusiasts the forum to be heard which they’ve never had before now.
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Created: December 17, 2012, 12:28 pm

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