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dUpMixtape's 1st Annual Dunk Contest !!
This was the 1st Annual Outdoor dUp Dunk Contest, showcasing young leapers, Braydon Gohn (1st), Justin Mitchell (2nd), and Paul Williams (3rd). Special Thanks to Chase Gould for Hosting the 2nd Annual Terry Fox Tourny!
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Issac White aka Sir Issac is one of the youngest professional Slam Dunkers at 21 years old. He is from Houston TX and came to Missouri to film for a week, at his best he can get his neck at a 10 foot rim. The last clip is Issac grabbing a shirt off of a 12"8 beam. He only stands 5"10 and soon will be tested by the Guiness Book of World Records for highest leap. by breakinankles
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Moscow Open 2012 slam dunk winner Justin "Jus Fly" Darlington. Other dunks:
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Justin Darlington ON POINT Episode 4 with Drew Ebanks featuring Justin "JUS FLY" Darlington, one of the best dunkers in the world. Produced & Hosted by Drew Ebanks Filmed, Edited, & Directed by Jay Irving Music by Shallay Bhatia & Blaaow Intro song by Francis "Got Heat" Nguyen Tran Graphic Designer, Mark Sylvain Apparel provided by Yaudie
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Moscow Open 2012: Slam Dunk
Moscow Open 2012 Slam Dunk competition:
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Sport Arena Streetball 2013 SlamDunk Contest
Justin 'JusFly' Darlington wins a dunk contest for the ages with Porter 'What's gravity?' Maberry, Kristaps 'Latvian Sensation' Dargais and Alexander 'Shal' Shalygin at the opening of the 3x3 EuroTour in Bucharest (Sport Arena Streetball) on 22 June 2013. - -
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